Rental Bond Loan FAQs

What is a Housing Bond Loan?

A Housing Bond Loan is a personal loan that can be used to pay a bond, rent in advance or to cover moving costs. The bond loan funds are transferred directly to you, so you control when the bond payment is made.  When you eventually vacate the property, the bond money you paid to the real estate agent/residential tenancies authority will be repaid directly back to you.

I have bond money coming back to me, so can I pay off my Bond Loan early?

Yes you can! It will mean you’ll save on the interest that you would have normally been charged for the remainder of the loan, plus you can rest assured that our rental bond loans have no early repayment fees or penalties.

Can I get a pre-approval for my bond loan?

Yes, definitely! We can pre-approve your bond loan so that you can find a property, sign the lease and organise to move with the knowledge that you have access to the funds you need.

The lease will be in multiple names but only I want to borrow money – is this okay?

Yes. Whether you are moving in with others or moving out from others we can provide a quick bond loan as long as the details of the new lease can be verified.

Are there Government run bond loans?

Yes. Contact your relevant State Government office to find out the eligibility criteria and loan limits that apply.

Can I get a rental bond loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, we can help with bad credit bond loans too. If you have “adverse items” (e.g. a credit default) on your credit file, you can still apply with us at, which is powered by Fair Go Finance.

We will review your credit report and current set of circumstances and assess whether we have a rental bond loan suitable for you. Our goal is to help our customers develop a positive credit rating with us, so that if you ever need another personal loan in the future you can apply quickly and easily through us again.

Will I pay less interest if I payout my bond loan contract early?

Yes, you will! The amount of interest charged depends on how long you borrow the money for. The shorter your loan term, the less interest you will pay. All bond loans with us at do not attract any early termination charges or similar fees. In fact, if you repay your rental bond loan early it can help improve your credit standing with us.

How can I find out my bond loan payout figure?

At, we will send you a loan statement by email every month so you know how you are tracking. If you ever want to payout your bond loan, simply call or email us and we will be happy to provide you the exact payout figure you will need to close your bond loan.

Can I apply for another loan after I have paid this one out?

Yes, you can. After finishing your rental bond loan and establishing a positive credit history with us, you will be able to apply for a new personal loan through us or directly through Fair Go Finance. Your loan application will be processed even quicker because we will already hold a lot of your information.

Why have I been declined for a rental bond?

There are a number of possible reasons why a loan may be declined. It may be due to affordability, the level of bad credit or lack of suitable security if a larger bond loan (over $2000) is applied for. Check your credit file as a first step to identify any problems. Before you apply for another loan again, please read the following blog entitled, “Got a loan application declined? What you should do next.

Why am I paying back more than the interest?

It’s important to understand the Total Cost of Credit before taking out a rental bond loan. The total cost of credit is the combination of the interest rate, establishment fee and any other ascertainable fees. The total cost of a rental bond loan is not just the stated interest rate, but the stated interest rate plus any compulsory fees. On the range of personal loan sizes offered by Fair Go Finance, who powers, the loan establishment fee and interest rate varies depending on the loan amount you borrow. A friendly loan consultant will discuss this with you prior to finalising your loan. If you are unsure about the total cost of credit, please ask your consultant to go over it with you.

FAQ's about our free Bank Statement Service

Our quick online application includes a free bank statement service called, so you can provide your bank statements immediately and securely online. By using this service, your loan can be processed extra fast!

How does the free bank statement service work?

You will be able to select your bank and login in to your internet banking. We will then be able to view your bank account history via a “read-only” access. This helps us to assess your loan application quickly. We need to see your bank statements because, as a responsible lender, it is important for us to verify your income and expenses, and to ensure you can afford the rental bond loan repayments. permits us a read-only access of your account, so we will only be able to view the last 90 days of transactions on your account. Your bank details will be securely encrypted. We do not have the ability to access your account or to manage your account in any way. All data is securely handled in accordance with the Privacy Act (1988) (Cth), our privacy policy and’s privacy policy.

Who sees my internet banking details?

No person can access or see your internet banking details. When you enter your banking credentials they are immediately and securely encrypted. Once you are logged in, it generates a read-only data-feed for us, which we will use to assess your rental bond loan application.

What happens to my internet banking details after I input them?

Security of your data is paramount to us. Your internet banking details are immediately encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone. We are only given a read-only view of your statements, purely so we can quickly verify your income and expenses against what you listed on your application.

What happens to the bank statement information you view?

They will be used to assess your affordability and then they will be securely stored on your customer file, which you can request to access at anytime.

Can I choose not to use this bank statement service?

Yes, if you don’t use our free bank statement service, you will just need to e-mail us with a PDF copy of your bank statements instead (your last 90 days). Please be aware that as this will take longer for you to arrange and for us to receive, we won’t be able to process your loan as quickly, compared to those that have used the bank statement service.

Who should I speak to if I have questions?

If you have any questions, please call us on 1300 324 746 or email us at  All of our rental bond loans are powered by Fair Go Finance.

We offer good and bad credit loans – so even if you have a less than perfect credit score you will be able to apply with us.